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     The summer is good to be alive in…

Summer here in Boston, and the last two weeks have been a bit of a show-offy tour of all summers around here can offer up, from sweltering humid days to wild thunderstorms to days like today, dry, sunny, mid-eighties. The water temp is still in the high 60’s (going to have to nudge that up to the low seventies by the time I get to the beach in late August) but I do find myself in a summery mood so this week I offer a summery pop song by a now-disbanded Australian band who often worked weather into their lyrics, celebrating t-shirt weather in one song and in another memorably describing having “spent the summer with a curtain drawn against it.”

The Lucksmiths are one of those bands where each individual song seems like part of the same really long song with a number of tempo changes–but I mean that in a good way! The subject matter is usually love and relationships, exuberance-ambivalence-regret with an emphasis on ambivalence. As in this song, which describes a couple going through a rough patch:

     Yeah, we’re a mess
     But let me just stress, we’re both at our best in a tight spot
     If we leave the nest
     Don’t settle for less than what we’ve got

The song is full of these triple-quadruple-quintuple (only quintuple in this section, actually) slant rhymes, which are A) clever as anything and B) form a kind of metaphor for the couple’s just missing of the connection they both crave, the smooth perfect rhyme. But a slant rhyme’s better than no rhyme at all, right?

It’s funny and telling that one of the main ways the song’s narrator tries to convince his beloved not to give up on them is by demonizing their friends, creating a mutual enemy:

     Anyone who tries to attack this
     They can say what they like but the fact is
     They know nothing about us

Sure, small arguments between us at dinner parties always seem on the brink of becoming major alteracations, sure, we complain about each other so fucking much. But that doesn’t mean our stupid friends should judge us! No one understands us but us, which is why we should stay together.

Such a coping strategy can work for longer than you might think. Especially if it’s summer and the weather cooperates.