As with last year, emphasis here on “favorites”: not necessarily the best, not necessarily the most representative or essential. Just stuff I liked more than other stuff I liked.

Disk 1

  1. Drive Around Town, Six String Drag
  2. A Girl Like You, Paul Collins
  3. Bright Eyes, ‘Allo Darling
  4. Adult Diversion, Alvaays
  5. Swimming Pool Blues, Miniature Tigers
  6. Talking Backwards, Real Estate
  7. Don’t Wanna, Howler
  8. Apartment, Modern Baseball
  9. Cut Your Bangs, Radiator Hospital
  10. Schley, Joyce Manor
  11. Violent Shiver, Benjamin Booker
  12. Milwaukee, The Both
  13. Red Eyes, War on Drugs
  14. Frankie Fell in Love, Bruce Springsteen
  15. I Wanna Get Better, Bleachers
  16. Spinners, Hold Steady
  17. Falling Rain, Reigning Sound

Disk 2

  1. I’ll Have to Dance with Cassie, God Help the Girl soundtrack
  2. Head Underwater, Jenny Lewis
  3. Girl You Look Amazing, Nicole Atkins
  4. Ghost, Jeremy Messersmith
  5. West Coast, Coconut Records
  6. Silhouettes, Colony House
  7. Take It or Leave It, Cage the Elephant
  8. Starry Skies, Laura Cantrell
  9. Hundreds of Ways, Conor Oberst
  10. Molly-O!, Simone Felice
  11. Chris Isaak, Lydia Loveless
  12. Katie Queen Of Tennessee, The Apache Relay
  13. California (Cast Iron Soul), Jamestown Revival
  14. Modern Blue, Roseanne Cash
  15. God I’m Missing You, Rodney Crowell
  16. Love More or Less, Marianne Faithfull
  17. The Promise, Sturgill Simpson