Happy Valentine’s Day! Not a big holiday in the Newsome family but I’ll celebrate with this, a sweet song from last year about being 25 years old and meeting someone who might be The One. The false starts that begin the song indicate the band might be in on the joke that they’ll probably meet lots of people they think are the one before they actually meet The One, but after that we’re right into the scene, a first meeting when the singer is brought to the apartment of a woman he’s never met by friends, where he spends the night playing board games everyone cheats at (great detail), attracted to this woman but unable to muster the courage to approach her, yet still feeling a confident inevitability about them he expresses to a power punk guitar cascade:

     I’ll walk home, with my eyes low
    Dreaming of conversations we’ll have tomorrow…

There’s a second meeting, again at her apartment–“Oh why do I keep ending up here on starlit evenings?” the singer asks himself–and this time he sits next to her on the couch, and if that doesn’t prove they’re fated to be together…

As the song ends the guitars fall away and the singer finally asks the woman out, you wanna maybe hang out and make dinner or something?

I hope she said yes. I hope they’re out there tonight at a too-crowded restaurant they can’t really afford distracting themselves from the lax service with some of the conversations the singer dreamed about.      

Modern Baseball are out of Philadelphia and on many songs sound a lot like the Weakerthans, which is a strong recommendation. They write funny, observant, grounded lyrics and if I was still in my twenties myself I would probably become a rabid fan. Kudos to them for naming their album “You’re Gonna Miss It All,” wish I’d thoughta that for a title. “Your Graduation” is as good a break-up song as “Apartment” is a a falling-in-love song.